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With our exclusive professional lice and nit removal service you won’t have to worry about dealing with your children to remove them.

Come to our center and while the boy or girl is distracted with the tablet, mobile phone or reading a book, we do the work.

100% natural method, totally harmless, without toxic products or pesticides. Ideal for children, people with sensitive skin and pregnant women.


We speak English, Italian and Spanish.

Our center:

Valencia: Av. Pérez Galdós 74 Lower right – 46008 Valencia (100 meters from the old Abastos market) Telephones 96 323 88 22 and 660 540 206

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Revisión y detección

Initial screening and detection


Our method consists of six phases:

  1. Initial check to verify or rule out the existence of lice and nits and check the status of the infestation.
  2. We divide the hair into zones to form spaces in which we can work in order, momentarily isolating the parasites and ensuring that no lice escape.
  3. Application of the Licesnatcher device coupled to a vacuum system. This system eliminates more than 90% of lice and nits.
  4. Exhaustive combing using Assy metal nits, the best on the market, with which we eliminate practically all parasites, covering the areas that we previously divided and vacuumed. With this hairstyle we eliminate any lice or nits that remain from the previous step.
  5. Very carefully and completely manually, using special high-power tweezers and magnifying glasses, we examine each strand of hair, verifying that the treatment has been satisfactory.
  6. Review a week after treatment to verify the total success of deworming. This check-up is recommended in all pediculosis centers since the life cycle of the lice, in which the nits hatch after approximately a week, makes this check-up essential.

What is Licesnatcher device?

It is a device that attaches to the aspirator and is used in thousands of centers in the USA and Europe. It is completely harmless, effective, does not use chemicals, does not burn the hair or overheat the patient.

In our center we have free high-speed WIFI, so that our clients can be distracted while we do the work.

Our anti-lice treatment is cheaper, safer, faster and more effective than using products that later do not work since there are lice that have developed resistance to the toxins used to kill them and no longer die with traditional products.

The adaptation of these parasites is amazing and in temperate climates like ours they tend to proliferate, especially in schools, summer camps or extracurricular activities where contact between children is frequent. It is very common for many boys and girls to return infested with these parasites after spending a few days at a summer camp or when they return «from town.»

Along with the treatment, we will teach you how to treat and prevent future infestations and keep your children’s heads free of lice and nits.

Download our «Guide to removing lice and nits» and share it with whoever you want. Prevention is the best way to avoid these parasites.

PDF GUIDE for the prevention of lice and nits infections. (in spanish)

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Do you want to know our lice and nit removal method in detail?
Watch in this video how we do it and you already know: Come to Cabezittas and say goodbye to the lice!


Removal with the Licesnatcher method.

Professional removal of lice and nits. Safe, effective and fast treatment.

Professional removal of lice and nits. Safe, effective and fast treatment.

Cabezittas: Centro capilar de eliminación de piojos y liendres en Valencia

Capillary center for removing lice and nits in Valencia

Report about pediculosis and elimination of lice on TVE, where we were interviewed.